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A workspace during the week and an eventspace over the weekend, Dock@Work is an ideal location in the buzzing western district of Hong Kong. Dock your device on your internet-ready desk and you are good to go.


Brought to you by the brother-sister duo:

Atin Batra

Associate | Q Venture Partners

Atin works across the board on deal sourcing, qualification, due diligence, all the way through to structuring and documentation.

Atishi Batra

Director | AB Designs HK Ltd

Atishi is an inspired designer and a passionate entrepreneur, aspiring to touch the lives of people she designs for.

Upcoming Events

Please stay tuned for our upcoming events!
Feel free to email us at info@dockat.work to receive event notifications.

Past Events


Speed Recruiting
Matchmaking for Startups & Potential Hires
Sat 21 Oct 2017 | 10:30AM – 17:00PM HKT
at Dock@Work – Shared Workspace

Hong Kong has the 5th fastest growing startup ecosystem in the world, which saw a 41% increase in staff numbers in 2016. In fact, the deluge of co-working spaces in Hong Kong should be proof enough – more startups need more brains.

We took the oh-so familiar concept of speed dating and applied it to the otherwise monotonous process of recruiting. We saw an overwhelming response and an unbelievable quality of talent coming in to meet with startups. A startup found their first full-time HK team member during the event.

Investor (After) Office Hours
Thurs 31 Aug 2017 | 07:00PM – 09:30PM HKT
at Dock@Work – Shared Workspace

All aboard the entrepreneur-ship have unanswered questions. We’re here to help answer them before you find yourself on a burning deck!

What does an investor look for in a startup? What is the process for fundraising? How much equity should I give away? What material should I prepare for an investor meeting?

Questions like these and more were answered during Office Hours with our in-house consultant, Atin Batra.

Atin is an Associate at Q Venture Partners, a global VC firm investing in connected hardware and IoT. Prior to QVP, he was the Accelerator Lead at Swire Properties’ Blueprint Accelerator. Atin has extensive experience mentoring and guiding startups through their journey from attaining product-market fit to fundraising.


Pitch Like A Girl @ Rise
Wed 12 July 2017 | 06:30 PM – 09:00 PM HKT

The first edition of Pitch Like a Girl, organised during RISE 2017, is a unique opportunity for women entrepreneurs, attending the conference from around the world, to return with their pockets heavier than when they arrived in Hong Kong.

We are overwhelmed by the response we’ve gotten! 180+ attendees registered to attend the event and 60+ women entrepreneurs from San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, South Korea, and Australia-New Zealand among others, submitted applications to pitch. The top 10 finalists pitched in front of our investors on 12 July.
Congratulations Teams Sharesies, GoSkills, Baby Hero and Ozmo.

We streamed the event live on our Facebook page.

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