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17 August 2017

Dear Founders and budding Entrepreneurs,

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand that meeting the investors can be as daunting an experience as ‘meeting the parents’ was for Greg Focker (aka Ben Stiller). Hence, we are hosting our very first edition of Investor (After) Office Hours.

Date: 31 August 2017, Thursday (Updated)
Time: 7pm onwards
Venue: Dock@Work, Unit 603, 6/F, 369 Des Voeux Rd W, HK

“What does an investor look for in a startup?”
“What is the process for fundraising?”
“How much equity should I give away?”
“What material should I prepare for an investor meeting?”

If you have stayed up at night looking for answers to such questions, then this event is perfect for you. Bring your questions. Leave your pitch decks behind!

Investor Office Hours is an opportunity to meet with an investor without the future of your startup hanging in the balance. You get a sneak peek into how they think, perceive and evaluate potential investees (for the lack of a better term). Treat this as an informal Q&A and not a formal deal pitch. This is your chance to pick the brain of an investor who vets startups on a daily basis and gain valuable, unbiased insight.

Atin Batra is an Associate at Q Venture Partners, a global VC firm investing in connected hardware and IoT. Prior to QVP, he was the Accelerator Lead at Swire Properties’ Blueprint Accelerator. Atin has extensive experience mentoring and guiding startups through their journey from attaining product-market fit to fundraising.

Like all things, one must come prepared to Investor Office Hours. If you want to make the most of the limited facetime, it helps to have clarity regarding these THREE aspects of your business.

  1. Market (Scalability): Venture investors invest for venture-sized returns, which means you must have a large addressable market. Think about your target audience and how you position yourself against competitors.
  2. Team (Accountability): Team members are the building blocks of a business. If you’ve played Jenga, you know how each block that is pulled out destabilises the tower. Similarly, a strong core team makes for a strong foundation.
  3. Product (Viability): You can have the world’s most experienced CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and COOs but all else fails if you don’t have a relevant, brag-worthy product/service.

For more tips, see you on 23 Aug! If you haven’t already registered for the event, follow the link:! Limited seats left!

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